Counterfeiting of highly recognized, consumer-valued branded products is one of the oldest and most unethical methods that substandard manufacturers use to steal business. These businesses are unable to build quality products and customer confidence on their own, and steal from the most valued and reliable products within the industry by copying (in surface appearance only) the valued brand. This counterfeiting of virtually every type of product has flooded the world’s markets with unreliable products and has undermined consumer confidence worldwide in whole industries and countries.

Talon® Zippers, the oldest, most recognized name in apparel zippers, are among the highly visible products being counterfeited. While counterfeit zippers may imitate the Talon zippers in appearance, they don’t compare to the quality of genuine Talon products. Counterfeit goods are defective products manufactured without regard for social or corporate responsibility; without regard for safety or reliability; and without regard for the damages they inflict on your product. These defective copies erode the industry’s trust in manufacturers; they deceive consumers and betray the confidence of our customers and investors. Talon is committed to eliminating counterfeiting of its products and has established special control processes and investigative teams to identify and eliminate this problem. It is essential that you embrace this commitment with Talon to ensure your product and brand is protected.

You can do so by insisting on genuine Talon zippers. You must be alert to suspect products, individuals and inquiries and promptly notify Talon if you note any unusual activity, are approached by unauthorized individuals or firms, or if you become aware of such activity in any way. Talon International, Inc. is a publicly traded U.S. corporation and strictly adheres to all U.S. and international laws. Our internal policies do not allow individuals, agents or employees to prepare or deliver invoices or collect monies. All such transactions are only conducted directly through a Talon authorized office. Accordingly, if you are asked to transact business in this manner immediately contact an official Talon office. Do not hesitate to contact Talon if you become aware of or suspect a counterfeit transaction and ensure that your employees are fully alerted and aware of the consequences if they become involved in a counterfeit transaction.

Laws worldwide prohibit counterfeiting and the penalties are severe. But for these laws to be successful they require the full cooperation and assistance of everyone. Talon offers a unique “order verification” process that is confidential, quick and free to assist you in verifying that your Talon order is genuine. 

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