Talon International, Inc. and Renowned Designer Dr. Romanelli Fashion a Limited Edition Vintage Zipper Collection, DRxTalon

LOS ANGELES, CA -  July 18, 2017 - Talon International, Inc. (OTCQB: TALN), a leading global supplier of zippers, apparel fasteners, trim and stretch technology products, announces a collaboration with vintage legend, Dr. Romanelli for DRxTALON zipper collection.

Los Angeles-based designer “DRx” Romanelli (whose real name is Darren Romanelli) is well known for collaborating with brands to create limited edition sets of unique, one of a kind, vintage pieces. Bringing his pieces into conception often involves his passion for discovering old, well made garments from a particular brand and reconstructing them into beautiful pieces of apparel that are art as muchas they are clothing.  

Dr. Romanelli’s work includes collaborations with iconic brands like Coca Cola and Levi’s as well as artists like Cali Thornhill DeWitt and Madsaki. Now for the first time, he is launching a limited edition collection with Talon International Inc., the Original Zipper Company,

Known for their reputable position in the fashion space since 1893 and famous zippers like “Hookless,” Talon has been the brand that helps fasten up the jeans, jackets, shoes, and garment of trendsetters everywhere. Whether it’s Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, All Saints, or Phillip Lim, everyone’s fingers have clenched onto a Talon zipper at some point, if not on a daily occasion. This summer, these two joined forces to launch a very special collection, DRxTalon. This is the first time Talon has partnered with a designer, and also the first time Talon’s zippers will be sold online directly to the public

With Dr. Romanelli’s affinity for vintage and magnificent pieces, and Talon’s decades of success and prominence in the vintage and zipper space, this collaboration will draw designers, creatives, and brands with an appreciation for art, time, and fashion.  The collection will be available only for three months on DRxTALON.com. Anyone will be able to purchase the zippers.  People will find zippers with unique names like Cheech, Vitro, The Doctor, Dyscopia, The Zebra, and more!

About Talon International, Inc.

Talon International, Inc. is a major supplier of custom zippers and complete trim solutions including Tekfit® stretch technology products to manufacturers of fashion apparel, specialty retailers, mass merchandisers, brand licensees and major retailers worldwide. Talon develops, manufactures and distributes custom zippers exclusively under its Talon® brand (“The World’s Original Zipper Since 1893”); designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes complete apparel trim solutions and products including stretch technology products for specialty waistbands, shirt collars, and other items all under its trademark and world renowned brands, Talon® and Tekfit® to major apparel brands and retailers. Leading retailers worldwide recognize and use Talon products including VF Corporation, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kohl’s, JC Penney, FatFace, Victoria’s Secret, Wal-Mart, Phillips-Van Heusen, Levi Strauss & Co., Express and many others. The company is headquartered in the greater Los Angeles area, and has offices and facilities throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

DRxTALON Lead Contact:

Yuri Moreira

Marketing Director, Talon Zippers

Tel (818) 444-4108


Corporate Contact:
Rayna Hernandez
Tel (818) 444-4128

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